The Howard Venue

Events at The Howard Venue

We're proud to support a huge array of events at The Howard Venue, including Dance, Fitness, Yoga and many more.

For a more detailed look at our current bookings, and to check availability for yourself, click here.

Please check with the class instructor to book your place and confirm start dates where required.

MondayZumba Fitness 9.30-10.30amMarnie Carr07941
Starts 24/2/20Sweaty Mama9.30-10.15amSama Hemsley07834
Fix My Fitness - Stretch and Tone9.45-10.45amSam Goddard07712
Fix My Fitness - Ballet Fitness11.00-12.00pmSam Goddard07712
Showtime Singing - Fortnightly Class1.30-2.30pmColin Pyne01322
Empire Musical Theatre4.30-5.30pmBeth Wallis07802
Revolutions - Junior Aerial Gym 4.30-7.00pmCat Ledbetter07802
Simply Performers - Comp Team4.30-6.30pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Move It, 5-18 Years 6.00-7.00pmSam Crossier07896
Crest Yoga7.00-8.30pmClair Yates07974
Revolutions - Beginners Pole7.15-8.15pmCat Ledbetter07802
Dance On7.30-9.00pmVeronica Day07773
Improvers Adult Tap Class7.15-8.15pmLaurel Turner07721
Revolutions - Stretch Class8.15-9.15pmCat Ledbetter07802
Intermediate Adult Tap Class8.15-9.00pmLaurel Turner07721
Revolutions - Beginners Silk9.00-10.00pmCat Ledbetter07802
TuesdayDrawing/Painting9.30-12.00pmKent Adult Education0845
Starts 7/1/20Intermediate/Advanced Ballet9.00-10.30amHulya
Pilates10.00-11.00amBarbie Rose07528
Tai Chi10.00-11.00amStudio Kowloon07765
Young at Heart10.15-11.15amPam Howard07949
Young at Heart11.30-12.30pmPam Howard07949
Dance Act Theatre School4.15-8.45pmDance Act07811
GLD Childrens Aerial Skills4.30-5.30pmGLD Aerial Fitness07930
Irish Dance6.00-9.00pmTara Hackett07859
Adult Pointe Work6.00-6.30pmLaurel Turner07721
Adult Ballet6.30-7.30pmLaurel Turner07721
Revolutions - Pole7.30-9.30pmCat Ledbetter07802
Choir, Sounds Familiar7.30-8.30pmVictoria07958
Dance Enriches Lives7.30-9.00pmPam Howard07949
Revolutions9.00-10.00pmCat Ledbetter07802
WednesdayAdult Beginners Ballet9.00-9.45amTeresa Henderson07774
Crest Yoga9.30-11.00amClair Yates07974
Tapping Alive10.00-11.00amPam Howard07949
Revolutions - Junior Aerial Gym 4.00-7.00pmCat Ledbetter07802
Tricks and Turns4.30-5.30pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Simply Craft4.30-5.15pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Tip Top Tap4.45-5.30pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Boundless Ballet5.30-6.15pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Musical Madness5.30-6.30pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Slimming World5.30-7.30pmCaroline Heffer07776
Tricks and Turns6.30-7.30pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Fix My Fitness - Hiit Circuit6.30-7.00pmSam Goddard07712
Slimming World7.30-9.30pmCaroline Heffer07776
Tricks and Turns6.30-7.30pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Tricks and Turns7.30-8.30pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Revolutions - Arial Hoop7.00-8.00pmCat Ledbetter07802
Revolutions - Pole7.45-9.00pmCat Ledbetter07802
Revolutions - Aerial Skills8.00-9.00pmCat Ledbetter07802
Revolutions - Beginners Aerial Hoop 9.00-10.00pmCat Ledbetter07802
ThursdayTiny Tekkers Football (Term Time)9.30-10.00amBill Hutchins07581
Slimming World9.30-11.30amCaroline Heffer07776
Fix My Fitness - Core Strengthening9.45-10-15amSam Goddard07712
Fix My Fitness - Sam's Dance Fitness10.30-11.30amSam Goddard07712
Beginners Line Dancing12.00-1.30pmLaura Sway07958
2nd & 4th ThursParkinsons Movement to Music2.00-3.00pmPam
Sam's Junior Ballroom4.30-5.30pmSam Goddard07712
Revolutions - Junior Aerial Gym 4.15-5.15pmCat Ledbetter07802
Hextable Wind Band5.00-7.00pmStephanie Jarvis07545
Girl Gang4.30-5.30pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Dance Act Theatre School5.30-7.30pmDance Act07811
Boyz on the Block5.30-6.30pmLizzie Fogarty07866
Simply Squad6.30-7.30pmLizzie Fogarty07866
The Write Place Creative Writing School7.00-9.00pmElaine
Fix My Fitness - Stretch and Tone7.30-8.30pmSam Goddard07712
Yoga4u7.30-8.30pmBonny Griffin07949
GLD Aerial Fitness7.30-10.30pmGLD Aerial Fitness07930
Zumba Fitness 8.00-9.00pmMarnie Carr07941
FridayCrest Yoga9.30-11.00amClair Yates07974
Fix My Fitness - Stretch and Tone9.45-10.45amSam Goddard07712
Dance Act Theatre School4.00-9.30pmDance Act07811
Revolutions8.30-9,30pmCat Ledbetter07802
SaturdayDance Act Theatre School9.00-12.00pmDance Act07811
Revolutions - Junior Aerial Classes9.00-11.00amCat Ledbetter07802
SundayChrist Embassy Church10.00-1.00pmChrist

AMP are based at The Howard Venue. Contact Danny on 07730396831 or email: Private or group music and drum lessons available.

Please note, all classes are subject to change.